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       Benefits to our clients                                                                                   

  • The client has an advocate whose sole obligation is to the client’s best interests. We hold the big picture and  track the details so there is less stress on  the client.
  • The owner benefits when a project manager can bring a “cradle to cradle” perspective to the entire development process. For example, it  may be a false savings to reduce design or construction costs if the result is  long term life cycle cost increases to the building.
  • The client can determine the amount of active representation delegated to us based on client’s ability, knowledge of the process and client’s other time commitments. We are very flexible in this regard and have experiences ranging from assisting owner/builders on private residences to full time project management of complex commercial projects.
  • The client has the benefit of a team leader.
  • Improves communication between all members of the team.
  • Facilitates better and more streamlined decision making by the client, which benefits all members of the team.
  • Better conflict resolution, increased collaboration.
  • Improves the ability of the team to enjoyably produce a higher quality product within the client’s budget while meeting the project schedule.

  • Project management can be successfully incorporated into a project at any time, but the most impact can often be gained when project management is brought into a project at its inception.
  • Often decisions that impact the ultimate success of a project are the ones made at the beginning stages.

                                           California Secretary of State Building

    A successful project needs to incorporate the following

  • A well defined scope
  • Proactive early planning
  • Leadership and management
  • Active client involvement or representation
  • Good project team chemistry
  • Rapid response to changes and changing conditions

     In order to guide our clients effectively through their building projects, we offer:

      Project facilitation and project management services

    • Site selection
    • Due diligence coordination
    • Existing facility evaluation
    • Feasibility studies & needs assessment
    • Architect, consultants and contractor identification, evaluation and contracting assistance
    • Master planning participation
    • Use Permit leadership and coordination
    • Constructability reviews of design and construction documents
    • Phasing strategies
    • Budgeting
    • Bidding/Project delivery evaluation
    • Construction management
    • Construction loan assistance
    • Permit procurement assistance
    • Project scheduling
    • Post-construction relocation assistance
    • Post-occupancy evaluation

    Construction management specifics:

    • Team building and project partnering.
    • Experience with owner-builder and sweat equity owner involvement
    • Knowledge and experience evaluating owner/builder contracting strategies such as competitive bidding and negotiated GC/CM at Risk                                                          
    • Bidding coordination, contractor pre-qualification evaluation, bonding
    • Value engineering, estimating
    • Managing communication flow among the partners:  agenda and meeting minutes, project documentation, contract modifications
    • Detailed submittal review and coordination
    • Site observation. In addition to assisting architect with enforcing compliance with the contact documents, taking a step beyond and seeing the big picture and the details from the client’s perspective as the project unfolds.
    • Providing the clients response to architect and GC’s construction issues
    • Budget tracking
    • Evaluate and track construction schedule
    • Review of architect and contractor progress payment requests
    • Review of architect/engineers additional fee requests
    • Review of contractor request for change orders to the work
    • Close-out contracts: review punch list completion, check warranties, operations manuals, lien releases and as-built documentation. 
    • Assist with call-backs.

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